Current Startups

Meet the excellent tech startups from batch #9 that made it to our accelerator program and learn more about their business ideas. Together with our mentors and corporate partners, we will help these talented and young entrepreneurs grow their businesses during the twenty weeks program running from January to July 2019.

Botconnect helps service and sales teams to create highly effective sales conversations in every customer interaction.
Lead generation and sales in short interactions is a challenge due to complex products, massiv customer data and multiple systems. botconnect provides the first real-time sales advisor for enterprises.

endiio offers an end-to-end IIoT solution that helps industrial companies to optimize their maintenance processes through real-time condition monitoring, data fusion and predictive analytics. For this endiio makes industrial components intelligent and connected by adding a retrofittable and self-powered IIoT sensor platform (Retrofit Box) for wireless condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of drives, bearings and transformers to improve production efficiency and minimize the risk of machine downtime. Without having to modify anything on the machine itself the retrofit box can be retrofitted to machines with little effort and individually adapted to requirements regarding sensors.

HUH? School develops A.I. mobile learning solution for corporate education. Our teachers powered by A.I. ensures adaptative and personalised learning.

The product is a mobile application including a chatbot. The AI-powered tutors chat with the end users on a daily basis and send them adapted and personalized contents. The primary focus is language learning with the first teacher powered by A.I.: Mr. Smith. The chatbot also includes exercises to practice and assess the user’s level on many subjects: grammar, vocabulary, spelling, oral and written comprehension.

IdeaFox is a digital innovation management platform that enables companies to initiate, manage and optimize their innovation processes. Our collective intelligence software empowers teams of all sizes to share knowledge and manage ideation and innovation activities in a simple yet efficient way.

KIProtect is the security layer for data science & AI.

KIProtect integrates directly with our customers‘ data processing, detects private or sensitive data and protects it. According to client business requirements, it transforms data using state-of-the-art pseudonymization, anonymization or encryption techniques. Built with data science in mind, our novel methods preserve data utility, while protecting data against potential breaches.

Our mission is to automate all internal or external processes, that can be managed via conversational interfaces in text and voice.

Passage AI is the AI middleware enabling businesses to offers an artificial intelligence-driven conversational interface to help companies create conversational interfaces or chatbots. Businesses can build, train, and deploy a bot within the same console across messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Slack and WeChat, voice platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Cortana.

Tribe is the first place where human and artificial team members will work hand in hand.
Tribe offers a digital team room that lets you hear, see and interact with your remote human & A.I. team members. Our realistic live animated 3D avatars give A.I. assistants a face capable of expressing human emotions. Soon, A.I. assistants will level the playing field at work. Tribe wants to be the place where humans & machines come together in the future to co-create something amazing.

VirtualQ® offers callers to queue virtually. The service holds a caller’s position in the line. The caller gets notified via text message, call-back or push notification on his smartphone, when it is his turn.

Subsequently, he can dial the number and gets connected to an agent without waiting. Waiting loses its traditional meaning and is not perceived as annoying any longer. This gives call centers the ability to improve peak management and to save employees and line costs.

Weeve is an enterprise software company that aims to build the technology stack that allows the remote proof and assurance of IoT data integrity, quality and secure transportation before utilisation.

weeveOS is a patented technology stack which cryptographically attests and transports IoT data from source. The weeveOS includes MQTTS – secure messaging protocol designed for the Internet of Things, Testimony – attests data, and TEE blockchain Wallet – enables transactions via smart contracts. transforms customer service by automating up to 80% of repetitive actions for agents, while guiding agents with AI recommendations through more complex cases. Integrated into the contact center, dramatically reduces cost, increases first-time resolution and improves service quality.