Current Startups

Meet the excellent tech startups from batch #11 that made it to our accelerator program and learn more about their business ideas. Together with our mentors and corporate partners, we will help these talented and young entrepreneurs grow their businesses during the twenty weeks program running from January to June 2020.

BitVox is revolutionizing the way blue-collar employees work with their intelligent headset that provides voice assistance during work processes. In addition, it also serves as a hearing protection which enables telecommunication in noisy environments.

Cascade Drives develops next generation linear drives for heavy duty applications. With shock load resistance and superior speed and load capabilities, Cascade Drives is the enabler for fully electric vehicles. 

Changers CO2 Fit App motivates sustainable behavior in a playful, competitive way. The app measures the user’s activities and calculates the CO2 balances which can be redeemed into tree plantings, donation projects or valuable discounts or raffles.

Orbitless is changing the standards of gear design with its novel gearbox platform that offers reduced gear noise and vibration (NVH), higher efficiencies, and supports higher motor input speeds. Their designs are ideal for actuators or e-motor applications in robotics, medical devices & eMobility. Patented in the U.S., China, and Europe, Orbitless is poised to become a new standard in gear design.

qbound offers a solution that is designed to overcome current and future cybersecurity challenges in the fields of cloud and IoT. Their Zero Trust access management platform ensures that only authenticated users and devices can access the specific resources at the right times and for the right reasons.

Did you know there is an AI that requires just 60 seconds of video of a person to derive a highly accurate personality profile? This AI forms the core of Retorio, an AI-enabled video-recruiting platform. Retorio enables firms improve the quality, speed, sustainability, and scalability of their hiring decisions.

To fight plastic pollution and food waste, Spoontainable offers a solution which combines both problems. The company uses valuable residuals from the food industry to create a sustainable and innovative plastic CO2 neutral alternative. Their edible ice cream spoon has been on the market since April 2019 and since then, it has replaced almost one million plastic ice-cream spoons. helps people the way they live and work by enabling everything indoor to move effortlessly on smart wheels. The company’s patented hidden castor system lets you move objects easily by using your voice, the app, or a bluetooth remote control. This makes it possible to for example change room structures or relocate heavy equipment just by telling it where to go.

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