Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners are leading companies that are looking for future partners, suppliers and portfolio companies. Through TechFounders, corporations get in touch with startups that may innovate their business. By collaborating with promising tech startups, our partners get new innovative impulses, promote entrepreneurial thinking internally while simultaneously providing a valuable contribution to society.

As a corporate partner, you get direct access to the most promising tech startups in your industry. Through the collaboration projects, our corporate partners help our startups with mentoring, hardware, development tools, resources and their network.
This collaboration is often challenging, but we know how to deal with it.
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Currently, our industry partners are ADAC, ALDI Nord & ALDI SÜD, DATEV, FestoKnorr-Bremse and Miele. Find out more why they love working with us.

Key Benefits:

We connect our corporate partners with the most promising tech-startups in their innovation fields. Parallel to the 20-week TechFounders accelerator program, these carefully selected startups conduct a pilot project with our corporate partners.

Early view on developments in the startup ecosystem and to innovative technology
Global network, thorough and diligent scouting process

Access to the most promising tech startups in your innovation fields
Excellent reputation and attractive program-setup
Fast-tracked co-development and testing of five specific innovative solutions per year
All-round support during scouting and program phase
Branding & Public Relations
Internally, externally, in the media and at TechFounders and UnternehmerTUM events

„Innovation, inspiration and enthusiasm – this is what Festo is known for, as a technology leader and constantly learning and developing company. This is why we work together with TechFounders, to invest in the future and to create space for startups to develop innovative ideas and business models."


Dr. Eberhard Veit
Advisor of the management of FESTO AG


„At Miele, we combine groundbreaking innovation with classical values such as quality and performance. TechFounders helps us to find creative startups to accompany us on our way. To all startups out there: Let us join forces to shape the future and grow together – to our mutual benefit!“


Dr. Stefan Breit
Executive Director Technology for the Miele Group


„In the active collaboration with startups, we want to break through dominant patternst that drive our way of thinking. The inspiring environment around the UnternehmerTUM, TechFounders and selected startups gives us the opportunity to accelerate innovation together. It’s a win-win-situation for all parties.“


Lars Soutschka
Executive Director digitalization, ADAC, E.V.


„Entrepreneurship and technological excellence are core values of Knorr-Bremse. We are excited to collaborate with TechFounders and innovative startups on new ideas.“


Ralph Heuwing
CFO and member of the executive board KNORR-BREMSE AG

„Collaborating and sharing expertise with partners and start-ups is an essential part of DATEV’s innovation strategy. We are excited to mutually develop radical innovations for the members of our cooperative and to support start-ups in shaping their ideas and business models.”


Dr. Lars Meyer-Pries
Member of the Executive Committee

„Wir freuen uns, dass wir mit der Partnerschaft die Möglichkeit bekommen, innovative Gründer zu fördern und bestenfalls gemeinsam neue marktfähige Verpackungslösungen zu finden. Gleichzeitig ist ALDI als etabliertes Unternehmen auf innovative Ideen angewiesen, um im Bereich Verantwortung auch in Zukunft gut aufgestellt zu sein.“


Philipp Skorning
Group Buying Director bei ALDI SÜD,
verantwortlich für Qualitätswesen & Corporate Responsibility

„Mit der Partnerschaft möchten wir aktiv junge Gründer unterstützen und gemeinsam mit ihnen das Thema Plastikreduktion und nachhaltige Verpackungen in der Branche vorantreiben. ALDI steht den Teilnehmern hierbei als Impulsgeber und Mentor zur Seite.“


Rayk Mende
Geschäftsführer Corporate Responsibility und Quality Assurance, ALDI Nord