We are very excited to announce that McKinsey & Company, one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, joins the TechFounders Accelerator Program as a knowledge and network partner. McKinsey will support TechFounders startups in joint workshops to solve critical business challenges. Through the partnership, founders will be able to leverage the consultants’ unique network and industry expertise, while McKinsey gets firsthand insights from the most innovative tech-startups.

Who we are:

TechFounders is a 20-week international accelerator program for B2B tech-startups based in Munich. It consists of two parts: A pilot project with a corporate partner and high-quality coaching from experienced experts to help the startups reach the next level. Leading corporates engage with TechFounders to find and collaborate with the most promising startups in their respective industry.

Who is McKinsey:

McKinsey & Company is the leading management consultancy for top management worldwide. McKinsey supports companies and institutions from the private, public and social sectors in their most important changes, for example in the areas of strategy, risk management, technology and innovation, sales, marketing or process optimization.

Fuel Ignition is McKinsey’s network for founders through which selected startups get access to industry knowledge, coaching, networking, and moderated strategy discussions. This offering now exists in 40+ cities around the globe, covering some of the world’s major startup-hubs, such as Munich.