Invenox and eCarTec

INVENOX was at this year’s eCarTec Munich 2016 and the parallel eMove 360° Europe 2016, between the 18th to 20th October 2016 in Munich. They presented the newest Lithium-Ion battery modules and systems and collaborated with other companies on energy storage systems with exceptional Lithium-Ion technology for electric mobility.

Startup Bootcamp

StartupBootCamp’s Barcelona accelerator launches on November 28th! The program selection days are November 2 – 4. They are looking for startups in the field of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Connectivity, Security and Internet of Things.

The 3-month Startupbootcamp Barcelona Program guides 10 startups through the Shape, Build, and Sell stages of development, through hands-on sessions with 100+ mentors, masterclasses on topics ranging from lean methods to legal, and events to meet VCs, press and clients. Be sure to check out their awesome program!


The Innovation and Future Conference 48forward takes place on the 24th of November 2016 at Freiheizhalle in Munich.

The conference will discuss questions such as:

What does the future of work look like?

How will AI change journalism?

What impact will VR have on media?

The event unites 400 attendees and 30 international high-class speakers – a hotspot for forward-thinking minds.

The event focusses on trends and visions in different life and economic areas. Therefore, they are not looking for marketing-presentations on stage – it’s not about products, it’s about the ideas behind them, the role they play in an ever developing world.

Be sure to get your tickets before they’re gone! Get 15% discount by using our discount code: 48tHappy15.

Tacterion GmbH is officially FUNDED!!!

According to the company, Tacterion received an estimated eight-digit sum from the Unger Unternehmensgruppe. The investment will be distributed over the next few years to Tacterion, along with specific milestones, says co-founder Daniel Strohmayr. This is a very exciting time for the young company and we cannot wait to see the great things Tacterion will do in the future!
If you don’t already know about them, here’s a video on Tacterion’s sensor technology. Tacterion produces a highly flexible sensory layer which can be applied to any surface for making it touch sensitive.
And yes, they are hiring!

Image: Tacterion. All images in this article are subject to the Creative Commons license ( Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND ; link to legally binding license agreement ).

KONUX wins Competition!

KONUX won the The Spark Deutscher Digitalpreis! This is a competition from McKinsey & Company, and Handelsblatt, aiming to push Germany forward in the digital era and to test traditional business models.

Evalu Secures Seed Financing!

Oh yes indeed. You can find more details on evalu‘s financing here. The “coach of the future” startup is on a roll with funding and also their new office in downtown Munich.

High-Tech Grunderfönds interviewed the young company, quoting founder Benedikt Seitz, “We are excited to be able to continue working toward our vision of creating the perfect digital sports coach. By 2020, Europe will be dominating the ‘smart fitness wearable’ market and with we see the perfect opportunity to combine the sports market with the wearable market using artificial intelligence. Our goal is simple. The better the software understands the athlete, the better we can support him or her in their training.”

Keep an eye out for their signature green sneakers on the Munich running trails!

Prodsmart working with German Ministry of Economics in Hannover

Prodsmart is getting fancy and working on a project with the German Ministry of Economics in Hannover. They also had a interview on DW, a German TV station, covering how Portugal is recovering from the crisis. Prodsmart was one of Portugal’s proud examples for new tech and innovative companies, which are increasing throughout the country.

P.S – For the German versions of these articles, click these links for details on the Hannover project and the DW interview.

P.S.S. – can you spy Gonçalo’s baddass “cherry bomb” tattoo in the picture?

INVENOX installs battery storage system

INVENOX is on a BOAT! (Yes, that video will forever be great.)

Anyways, INVENOX successfully installed its battery storage system in the Pehn eVario 660 from the Austrian shipyard Pehn. Compared to conventional batteries, the CONCHIFERA technology offers a wider range while contributing to a higher security level.

Additionally, the entire battery system can be dismantled for maintenance or the recycling at the end of the lifecycle. The whole system with a capacity of 18.6 kWh weights less than 90 kg including housing and components. Click for more details!

Cevotec Developing next generation fiber patch replacement system

Cevotec is ready for production!

After moving to the Ludwig Bölkow Campus (LBC), the Cevotec team finalized the relocation of all of their machinery and equipment. With the help of forklifts and cranes, the team transferred three robots and two prototype production systems to the new CevoLab, the home of Cevotec’s R&D engineers. They are currently developing the next generation Fiber Patch Placement System and are now ready for industrial series production.

For those that want to follow up, the renowned VDI Nachrichten magazine published a detailed article about Cevotec and their future plans, for those that want to follow up.