Industry Partners

Our partners are leading tech companies that are looking for future partners, suppliers and portfolio companies. Through TechFounders, enterprises get in touch with startups that may innovate their business. By promoting startups, industry partners get new innovative impulses, promote internally entrepreneurial thinking while simultaneously providing a valuable contribution to society.

As a TechFounders startup you get direct access to the most successful enterprise partners in your industry. They help you with mentoring, hardware, development tools, resources and their network. TechFounders is a way for our industry partners to engage with different startups. This collaboration is often challenging, but we know how to deal with it.

Venture Capital Partners

TechFounders partners with top-tier venture capital companies such as eCapital, Target Partners, Extorel, EARLYBIRD, Wellington Partners and German Startups Group. At our Demo Day you get access to world class venture capitalists and have the opportunity to receive a follow on investment

Resource Partners

AWS Activate